Studying the Women’s Style training module will equip you with the knowledge to advise your female clients on how to choose garments that will fit their bodies, as well as reflect their personality and lifestyle.

women's style training

During the women’s style training programme you will learn about line, scale and proportion so that you can teach your client which styles of clothes will suit her body before she ever goes into a fitting room!

You will be able to take the mystery out of selecting clothes because during a style consultation you will be guiding your client to understand, love and appreciate her body and then how to dress it in the most flattering way.

The details…

You could study the Women’s Style module as part of the Image Professional or Personal Stylist Course. Or use it, for example, within your existing personal training or fashion retail business.

We use a simple system of style analysis that allows you to look at all the different body shapes, different proportions and different body “issues” that your female clients may have. You will then be taught how to use this information when you are conducting a style consultation so that she will learn how to select the “right” garments, accessories and underwear to suit her, no matter what her shape, size, age or lifestyle.

We would highly recommend also studying the Wardrobe and Personal Shopping Module, because these topics are so closely intertwined. This also means that you can adapt your knowledge to the client’s clothing needs and design a variety of different sessions that will appeal to them.

The assessments are based on the criteria for the FIPI Masters Award in Image Consultancy.

You will receive a certificate on successful completion of your assessment.

Topics covered in the Women’s Style Training module:

  • How to conduct a face and figure analysis to include proportion, line, body shape and scale.
  • How to use different fabrics, textures and patterns effectively.
  • Tailoring, fit, quality and sizing.
  • Accessories, lingerie and swimwear.
  • Grooming.
  • Clothing Personalities.
  • Topics for style and image presentations.

The Women’s Style Training Module includes the following:

  • Online access to the training videos, handouts and manual pages.
  • Templates for a style consultation workbook.
  • Video examples of real models with different body shapes and a full style consultation.
  • Fabric samples and a tape measure.

Module Fees

The online module costs £485 and you will gain immediate access to the training content. Your training equipment will be shipped to you, and will arrive a few days later.