As an Image Professional, studying the Wardrobe and Personal Shopping Training Module would allow you to help your clients gain a workable wardrobe. And you can make shopping quick and easy for them, so that they employ you time and time again!

Wardrobe and Personal Shopping Training

The Wardrobe and Personal Shopping Training Module focuses on how to organise, plan and undertake wardrobe sorting and personal shopping sessions.

Being able to do these sessions correctly can add greatly to your revenue as you build up a list of regular clients who will want to work with you year after year.

You could study the Wardrobe & Shopping module as part of your Image Professional or Personal Stylist Course or use it within your existing image consultancy business.

The assessments are based on the criteria for the FIPI Masters Award in Image Consultancy.

You will receive a certificate on successful completion of your assessment.

Topics covered in the Wardrobe and Personal Shopping Training Module:

  • Listening to your client and helping them to “let go” of garments.
  • How to sort and organise a wardrobe full of clothes.
  • Using the Wardrobe Sorting Templates.
  • Creating new outfits from the clothes already in the wardrobe and suggest additional garments.
  • How to build a capsule wardrobe
  • Understanding shops, brands and sizing
  • How to shop quickly and accurately.
  • Business Smart versus Business Casual.
  • How to pack a suitcase.

The Wardrobe & Shopping Module includes the following equipment:

  • Online access to the training videos, handouts and manual pages.
  • A set of wardrobe sorting templates.
  • Video examples of wardrobe weeding and personal shopping sessions with real life clients.

Module Fees

The online module costs £197 and you will receive immediate access to the training materials.