Studying at home is the ideal way to combine training with your life – no need to take time off work or abandon your family!


success strategies for distance learningWe are here to support you – here are some proven success strategies to help and guide you along the way. Through watching the DVDs or online videos you will feel that you know Gail very well and as you proceed with your training you will have the chance to speak to her on the phone, via Skype or an online mentoring call.

If you are part of a Style School you will train alongside other distance learners at the same stage as yourself and everyone has the opportunity to join the monthly Study in Style Q&A sessions and attend our regular consultant meetings (we have even had international consultants join these meetings via Skype!)



Home Study Is For You if…


  • You are determined to make changes and you are ready to add to your skill set
  • You have a dedicated space to study
  • You have a support network who will help you achieve your study goals
  • You have access to a DVD player, computer, a Facebook account and Skype **

Distance Learning** If you are wary of Facebook and Skype and feel a bit of a technophobe, we can help you set up your accounts as it would really enhance your study with us. The accounts don’t need to be visible to the world, there are privacy settings that are there to protect you.

One of the secrets to success is discipline, if you are going to set up your own Style Business you have to be self motivated and organised – whether you study at Home or Face to Face.

We recommend that all trainees draw up a study timetable, so that you are clear as to when you can work, when you can practice and when you can complete your assignments.

To be a Successful Distance Learner takes Planning and Determination. Follow the simple tips below to help keep you focused and on track.


Success Strategies for Studying at Home


1. Set Goals

  • Familiarise yourself with the equipment and look through the manual. Break the chapters into manageable chunks. You might not have time to do a full chapter in one session, so plan for how much you can do, then stick to it until you’re done.
  • Some people prefer to read the whole chapter first, then watch the DVD or video: others prefer to watch the DVD/video and then watch it again whilst reading the manual and others prefer to watch and read at the same time! Do what works for you.

2. Establish a Study/Learning Schedule


  • Determine when is the best time for you to study. Is it after dinner on Wednesdays when your partner is at football practice? Is it Saturday mornings when the kids are at ballet lessons?
  • Take regular breaks – Limit your concentrated study periods to no more than 90 minutes at a time. Then walk around and stretch; drink some water &/or have a snack.
  • If possible, have a dedicated study area with all the equipment you might need (TV, computer, paper, pens, etc.)
  • Pace yourself. Take your time – if there is something you are unsure about then rewind the DVD/video, call or email us – it is better to understand something properly than to race ahead.

3. Talk about It

  • Tell people what you’re doing. You’re more likely to stick to the course if other people know what you are doing – they will also be volunteering to help you!!
  • Ask friends and family to help by being “guinea pigs” as you practice your new found skills. They might also be able to provide you with valuable business contacts and leads once you are ready to start trading.

4. Supplement your learningsuccess strategies for distance learning

  • Look for real-world situations and examples of what you’re learning about. Start looking at other people and how they dress – TV personalities, celebrities or just sit in a café and watch people as they go by!
  • Look at magazines, go shopping, look online – observe how clothes are presented to the buying public.
  • You’ll be much more interested if you’re involved and not just reading about a topic.

5. Celebrate Successes

  • Reward yourself as you progress with whatever works for you – A bunch of flowers, a bottle of something fizzy or a long walk in the sunshine. Be proud of your accomplishments!

6. Ask Questions

  • If you don’t understand something, ASK. The only silly question is the one you don’t ask.