You’re juggling the food shopping, organising the relatives, finding the perfect secret Santa present and you still don’t know what to wear to the Christmas party! What ensemble is going to maintain your dignity, manage your image and still make you look amazing?

The Christmas party style rules

  • A serious point first – remember that this is a business function and you will probably have to work with these people after the party so the office rules still apply. Don’t ruin all your hard work creating the right business image by wearing something inappropriate. Equally don’t wear your business suit – this is definitely the time to bring some bling to the office. If you won’t have time to change before the party think how you could adapt your daytime look – perhaps add a sparkly top, incredible shoes and a statement necklace to a pair of softly tailored trousers for a quick fix. what to wear to the christmas party
  • If it is definitely a dress – find out the dress code – is it short (cocktail) or long (formal)? You don’t have to wear black – most dark colours will be slimming and look formal however it is useful if you want to blend in because it’s safe and classic. However if you know that black isn’t your best colour, wear an amazing necklace, a shrug or a wrap to soften the colour. But why not be a bit more adventurous and look for a different colour? The shops are currently full of lots of alternative options – try burgundy, blue, gold, red or green for a change.
  • Use interesting accessories – you don’t want to look like the Christmas lights but this is the occasion to add some sparkle! Great accessories can make a simple dress look different so the dress can be worn more than once. Look for slightly larger scale jewellery – maybe a bracelet/cuff, earrings and necklace, but don’t be too matchy, matchy. Amazing shoes can complete your look but make sure you can walk in them – even if it is only when you arrive!
  • Another alternative if you are struggling to find the perfect dress in your price range is to hire your frock – you could experience wearing a designer dress for a fraction of the original retail price.
  • The vital piece of advice for what to wear to the Christmas party is – don’t show too much skin! This includes boobs, stomach and legs. The basic rule is don’t show both legs and boobs and don’t show your stomach at a all!
  • Lastly, enjoy yourself, sip some champagne, show some sparkle but remain appropriately dressed so that you can show your face again on Monday morning!

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What to wear to the Christmas Party
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