As we look forward to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK –  I started to think about all the fashions and styles that the Queen has witnessed during her time on the throne.

If you look at photos of her in the early days of her reign she did wear the full skirts of the 1950s and even some “above the knee” styles during the 1960s. But after that she seemed to find her style and has stuck to it ever since! And whilst I can understand her classic style choices due to protocol and her position, to have been wearing the same style since her late 40’s does seem rather sad!

Thankfully nowadays “normal” women approaching their 50’s don’t need to succomb to a “twin-set and pearls” look. We are lucky to have lots of choice, so let’s embrace the fact that we can still experiment with fashion whilst being aware of the colours and styles that suit our bodies and personalities.

So congratulations Ma’am, I’m sure you will look amazing over this weekend and hopefully you will be carrying a more interesting handbag than usual!

Royal Style
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