I love the photographs of Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist – (www.thesartorialist.com) For the last few years he has basically taken fantastic photos of fashionable people – initially on the streets of New York but now from around the World and published them on his blog. He has just published his second book showcasing a selection of the images that originally appeared on his blog.

In a recent interview he discussed “effortless chic” and confirmed that it doesn’t come easily but it can be achieved by us all – what is needed is self-awareness, a well organised wardrobe and a militant approach to shopping!

Therefore preparation and knowing which pieces will harmonise with your existing wardrobe are essential. Schuman said: “The best clothes shoppers make the tough decisions in the dressing room, not in their closet. It stands to reason that if you only fill your closet with what works, then just grabbing things from the closet will be a million times easier.”  – I love what this man says and it’s an honour that with my work I get the opportunity to help people achieve this in their own wardrobes!

His Rules of Effortless Style are:

  • Getting dressed is like cooking. Buy the right ingredients and mix together well
  • Few people look consistently good if they have a scatter-brained closet
  • Spend on dramatic items that people will remember
  • Ape the style of someone who shares your shape
  • Style is knowing how clothes should fit
  • Edit in the changing room, not in your wardrobe at home
  • The truly well dressed only buy what works for them

Think how these ideas could work for you and how, with a bit of planning, you could have a seemingly effortless capsule wardrobe.

The Sartorialist: Closer by Scott Schuman is published on September 6 (Particular Books £20 or £11.40 at Amazon)

Effortless Style