Flatter your figure with fantastic accessories

As I’ve said many times before accessories can make or break an outfit; they can add interest, add glamour and become a focal point. But just a word of warning – not all accessories are good!

Match your Scale with the size of your Accessories

As a general rule if you are petite avoid massive necklaces, bags, bracelets, belts and chunky heels – you will look swamped and over-whelmed. Conversely if you are larger scale a tiny bag or small watch can make you look bigger than you actually are.

Use Accessories to emphasise your figure

If you have a narrow waist use a belt in your waist (you will probably prefer a soft leather or fabric belt if you have a curvy body); if however you tend to put weight on around your middle avoid a belt at your waist (no matter what Gok Wan says!) as it will only draw attention to this area and will probably be uncomfortable to wear! You will probably look better with a belt around your hips.


Use different shape necklaces to flatter your bust line: If you have a large bust look for necklaces with a drop pendant that either finish in your décolletage or between your chest & waist. Avoid any short necklace or a long string of beads that never sits properly on your bust – a bit of a “divide and separate”! And guess what if you have a small bust follow the opposite advice!

With handbags think about where they finish on your body – if you have large hips/thighs be wary of the crossover bags that tend to rest on your widest part – move the bag around so that it sits in front of you or avoid the crossover style and find a bag with shorter straps that fits into your waist. If you have a large bust avoid anything that tucks under your arm as this will only increase the size of your chest.


This shoe would be much more flattering without the ankle strap

And finally – shoes: if your legs are not your best feature then be wary of shoes with ankle straps as they will tend to make your legs look shorter and wider. In this situation look for shoes with straps across the feet, low cut court shoes or boots. To give the illusion of a longer leg, try and match your shoe colour with your hemline colour or wear a “nude” coloured shoe – especially useful in the summer. Also ensure that the heel and colour of the shoe matches with the density of the hemline fabric, for example avoid wearing a chunky heeled black shoe with a pale chiffon skirt.

Accessories to suit Your Body Shape
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