The online Personal Shopper Course is perfect for you if…


……You want to focus on helping women to increase their confidence by managing their wardrobes and shopping effectively.

The online Personal Shopper Course is the ideal starting point if you are testing out whether a career in the image industry would be right for you.

Does this sound like you…?

  • Your friends and family have you on speed dial whenever they need to go shopping for a special outfit or need to buy some new clothes.
  • You have an innate sense of style and because you are very visual you are able to see when something “just isn’t right”.
  • But you aren’t always sure why certain clothes, styles or fabrics work for some people and not others.
  • You may have toyed with the idea of training as a Personal Stylist or Image Consultant but you aren’t sure if you want to invest the time or money until you have learnt more and built your confidence.
  • You may want to start your own business focussing on wardrobe management and personal shopping.
  • Or perhaps you have no intention of leaving your current job but would like to understand more about why certain clothes “work” so that when you are shopping for yourself &/or others you can quickly select the right clothes and accessories – saving loads of time and money.
  • You also have a busy life with work &/or family commitments BUT you have this burning desire to learn more because you want to share your knowledge with others AND your dream job would be to get paid to go shopping!!


The 9 Step Online Personal Shopper Course

Surprised-lady-in-sunglasseTo be an effective Personal Shopper you need to have an understanding of the colours, styles, patterns, accessories and fabrics that suit different people so that you don’t waste time in the wrong shops trying on clothes that will never work for your client.

The content of the online Personal Shopper Course is based around the successful “Wardrobe That Works” Programme. This is Gail’s signature style programme and it is the exact process that she uses with her private clients. So although you will be focussing your business on wardrobe management and personal shopping you will have an in-depth knowledge of many of the topics that are covered in the Personal Stylist and Image Professional Courses.

There are sooo many women out there who hate clothes shopping – probably difficult for you to imagine! But their idea of fun is NOT to spend a few hours mooching around the shops enjoying the variety of different styles, colours, fabrics that the stores have on offer. They want to be in and out of the shopping centre as fast as possible because they find the whole experience overwhelming and confusing.

Imagine how much easier their life would be if they had someone like you to guide them, to find the right garments and the perfect accessories quickly and easily so that they don’t get depressed in the changing room or compromise on clothes because they don’t know what to look for or where to find it?

After the successful completion of the Personal Shopper Course you will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of colour analysis so that you can select a flattering range of colours for your client and create a workable capsule wardrobe for her.
  • Discover your client’s “Style Personality” so that you can guide her to finding her own unique style – making shopping and selecting clothes much easier in the future.
  • Recognise the different body shapes and how to dress them so that your client wears styles that flatter her body shape.
  • Use accessories to expand, extend and add interest to an outfit.
  • Appreciate the importance of the right underwear and swimwear.
  • Manage your client’s wardrobe so that she can build outfits easily and creatively.
  • Conduct fast, effective and fun personal shopping sessions – knowing which stores to visit for different people, whether that is online or in an actual shop.
  • Discuss the importance of grooming with your client to complete her overall look.
  • Find your ideal client and market your new style business.

Module Fees

The Personal Shopper Course costs £350 and you will gain immediate access to the training content.


My Guarantee and Promise to You

guaranteeDuring the training programme I will be teaching and sharing numerous style secrets and strategies so that you can manage wardrobes and shop effectively with clients or friends and family. You will receive the training information, knowledge, support and templates to allow you to start your own personal shopping business.

However this is not a “Done it for you Programme” – you will need to participate and commit to take action – utilising what you have learnt in order to see results. Your success will depend on your commitment to the training and to building your new business.

My promise is to deliver high quality training, advice, solutions and support to you throughout this journey.