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Online Style Analysis

Do you want to offer online style analysis, wardrobe or shopping consultations to your clients but didn’t think it was possible? This in-depth, online module will expand your styling knowledge and equip you to conduct style consultations and workshops virtually.

With the impact of the Covid-19 lock down affecting all of our businesses, in this module Gail shares the tips and tricks that she has used to conduct a variety of style consultations remotely.

This advanced module includes all the templates, questionnaires and information that you will need to successfully consult with your clients online. To get the most from this training, it is assumed that you already have a good understanding of style, wardrobe & shopping theory.

Topics include:

  • Analysing online – everything you will need to know. The process, the equipment, templates that you can personalise, the questions to ask, how to price, the challenges and how to overcome them.
  • Hints and tips on how to use your style knowledge to run a Style Workshop for a group of your clients.
  • Advice is given on how to do this both online and in person.
  • Plus a bonus “Packing Your Suitcase” Presentation that you can share with your clients.
  • In-depth advice on the recommended free technology and online platforms you can use to make your consultations run smoothly.
  • How to use Zoom to host your consultations.
  • You will also receive lifetime access to the online module. Plus any additional content, including videos, templates and questionnaires.
  • Plus much more….

The Online Style Analysis Advanced Module

Equipment needed: Computer, laptop or tablet, plus a notebook & pen.

Cost: £98

If you would like more details please email or call the office.

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