Make-up application is a skill that many women find challenging. Following your training you will be able to advise a client on how to choose the right make-up colours as part of her colour analysis consultation.

This module will teach you how to apply a selection of different make-up products. We don’t supply a full range of make-up products (apart from a selection of lipsticks). However, if this is a service that you would like to offer your clients we can offer advice and recommend a number of brands.

Teaching your clients how to apply flattering make-up quickly and easily will add considerably to your skills and to the impact of your colour analysis consultations. Consequently these two modules are often studied together.

Being able to offer products for sale helps your profitability as it allows the possibility of a continuing income stream, as well as allowing you to maintain regular contact with your customers.

You could study the Make up Application training module, using it alongside your colour business or alternatively it is included in the Image Professional Training Course.

The details…

make up application

Don’t worry if you’ve never applied make-up on anyone else before – prior to training 90% of our consultants are in the same position as you!

As image consultants, we can offer a quiet, safe environment where your client can try a selection of new flattering make-up colours. As opposed to sitting on a stool in a Department Store!

This training module takes you step by step through the make-up process, demonstrating how to apply a selection of products in a safe and hygienic way. You will learn how to apply these cosmetics in order to enhance your client’s complexion and colouring whilst teaching them a variety of application techniques.

The assessments are based on the criteria for the FIPI Masters Award in Image Consultancy.

You will receive a certificate on successful completion of your assessment.

Topics covered in the Make up Application Training module:

  • The importance of skincare and make-up.
  • How to conduct a make-up consultation and lesson.
  • Skin care – theory, application and practice.
  • Make-up application techniques, following the rules of hygiene.

 Plus online access to the training videos, handouts and manual pages

Module Fees

The online module costs £197 and you will receive immediate access to the training materials