All the Courses and Modules can be studied Face to Face in the “classroom” or via Distance Learning.

The Face to Face Training Fee includes: all tuition, manuals, equipment & refreshments as well as follow-up support.

The Distance Learning Training Fee includes: DVDs, manuals, equipment and mentoring.



Course Course/Module Overview Face to Face Fees  2014 Training Dates Distance Learning Fees
[product id=”2695″] The Image Professional Course – The Total Image Consultancy Training package. Save over £375 by booking all four core modules together. A flexible 3 x monthly instalments payment option also available.Save time & money and start your business quickly. £3,600 22 – 26 Jan + 24 – 28 Feb

10 – 14 Mar + 31 Mar – 4 April

Course[product id=”2268″] Course/Module Overview.Learn how to conduct Colour Analysis Sessions – empowering your clients to find colours that suit them. Includes all the necessary equipment and visual aids. Plus discover how to find clients and market your new business. Face to Face Fees£1600 2014 Training Dates22 – 24 Jan

10 – 12 March

Distance Learning Fees£1100
Course[product id=”2455″] Course/Module Overview.Discover the power of make-up – All the information & equipment necessary for you to start applying make-up – either following a colour consultation or as a make-up lesson. Face to Face Fees£750 2014 Training Dates25 – 26 Jan

13 -14 March

Distance Learning Fees£525
Course[product id=”2450″] Course/Module Overview.In-depth Style training for Women – Including the Wardrobe Weeding/Personal Shopping Module. This module covers body shapes, scale, accessories, underwear and fit, as well as how to conduct style, wardrobe & shopping consultations. Face to Face Fees£1000 2013 Training Dates1 Dec – 3 Dec Distance Learning Fees£700
Course[product id=”2446″] Course/Module Overview.In-depth Style training for Men – Understand how & why men consult an image consultant. This module covers body shapes, scale, fit & accessories as well as style and shopping consultations. Face to Face Fees£650 2013 Training Dates4 Dec – 5 Dec Distance Learning Fees£450
 Course[product id=”3826″] Course/Module Overview. Essential Colour Analysis Training Learn our quick colour analysis system and kick-start your image career or add colour to your existing business skills. Face to Face Fees£900  2014 Training Dates13 – 14 Jan Distance Learning Fees£600
Course[product id=”2387″] Course/Module Overview.Start your own personal styling business! This course covers Colour, Personal Styling, Wardrobe Sorting and Shopping for women.The perfect course for you if you want to focus on working with women & their wardrobes and then take them shopping. Face to Face Fees£1800 2014 Training Dates3 – 7 Feb Distance Learning Fees£1200
Advanced Modules
Course[product id=”2468″] Course/Module Overview.Add Wardrobe Sorting and Personal Shopping to your list of skills – attract new and old clients who will love these services. Face to Face Fees£300 2013 Training DatesThursday 28 November Distance Learning Fees£200
Course[product id=”2464″] Course/Module Overview.Present with confidence! The ideal course for you if you want to deliver professional presentations &/or move into Corporate Training. Face to Face Fees£350 2013 Training DatesFriday 29 November Distance Learning Fees£240