Use the skills learnt on the Essential Colour Analysis Module to enhance your existing business – attract new clients and add value to your current clients.

Studying the Essential Colour Analysis module will enhance your work as a life coach, beauty therapist, hairdresser, personal trainer, HR professional, personal shopper, stylist or fashion retailer. The Essential Colour Analysis Module is a condensed version of the Complete Colour Analysis Training Module.

Following your Essential Colour Analysis training you will be able to analyse your clients and then advise them on the colours that suit them best – helping to build their confidence and allowing you to select the most flattering clothes, accessories and hair colour with ease.

Studying this module will equip you with the skills to quickly and accurately diagnose the range of colours that will enhance your client’s natural colouring.  They will look younger and healthier plus this knowledge will help you to create co-ordinated outfits for them.

Essential Colour Analysis module

The Essential Colour Analysis Module is included in the Personal Stylist Course, because to become a great Personal Stylist you need to understand colour and how it affects people.

You will be taught a simple and proven system of colour analysis, based around the seasonal system. This process is easy both for you to understand and to explain to your client. You will be taught the history and the science behind colour analysis. And how to use this knowledge to undertake a colour analysis draping session from start to finish.

We also offer an Advanced Colour Training Module, to teach you how to use your colour knowledge to conduct a Colour Analysis Session Online.

Find out how you could provide Online Colour Analysis Consultations

Once again, I wanted to say a big massive thank you for your help and advice. I’ve read through most of the course materials and am watching the videos now, and they are so clear and easy to follow. I really wish I’d have gone straight to you instead of taking a course elsewhere first!

Dima Samara, London

The Essential Colour Analysis Course Module will teach you how to:

  • Use your drapes to determine your client’s colouring
  • Listen to your client, build rapport and put them at their ease
  • Explain ways to “rescue” any “wrong” colours
  • Advise on neutral colours and create a capsule wardrobe based around colour.

The assessments are based on the criteria for the FIPI Masters Award in Image Consultancy.

You will receive a certificate on successful completion of your assessment.

Topics covered on the Essential Colour Analysis Module:

  • The history, theory, benefits and practice of Colour Analysis.
  • Understanding the colour characteristics.
  • Colour Psychology
  • The condensed draping sequence
  • How to use a colour “swatch”
  • The importance of neutral colours.
  • Creating a capsule wardrobe.

The Essential Colour Analysis kit contains the following equipment – all you need to get started:

  • A set of 22 colour drapes, including silver and gold.
  • Online access to all the training videos, handouts and manual pages.
  • Four seasonal colour swatches.
  • Colour chart and artist’s colour wheel.
  • Eye analyser, cover-up cape and hair turban.
  • A set of fabric samples.
  • The “Colour Game” to help embed your colour knowledge

Module Fees

The Online Option costs £710 and you will gain immediate access to the training content. Your training equipment will be shipped to you, and will arrive a few days later.