Knowledge of colour and the ability to undertake a colour analysis session is a fantastic skill that can be used within your existing business or as the launch pad for your new style business.

Following your colour analysis training you will be able to offer in-depth colour analysis sessions with individuals and groups. Consequently, you will be able to guide your clients towards a selection of flattering colours to suit their natural colouring. Armed with this information, you could help them organise their wardrobe and take them shopping. You would also be able to offer guidance on accessories, make-up and hair colour.

Colour analysis is the recommended first step in any personal style consultation. This is because it quickly makes a big difference to both a client’s wardrobe and their self-esteem. They will start to receive compliments, because wearing a great colour will make them look younger and healthier. Colour analysis works for both men and women.

The Complete Colour Analysis Module

You could study just the Complete Colour Analysis Training Module, building a stand alone colour business or alternatively it is included in the Image Professional Course.

See below for more details about this Colour Analysis Module.

The Essential Colour Analysis Module

We also offer a condensed option – the Essential Colour Analysis Training Module. This module includes fewer colour drapes and is ideal if you want to be able to quickly analyse a client &/or add colour analysis skills to your existing hairdressing, fashion retailing, beauty therapy or personal styling business. It is also included in the Personal Stylist Course

In both modules we use and teach a simple and proven system of colour analysis, based around the seasonal concept. This system is easy both for you to understand and to explain to your client. However, we do discuss the other systems so that you have an understanding of how they fit into colour theory.

colour analysis training

You will be taught the history and the science behind colour analysis and learn how to undertake a colour consultation from start to finish.

We also offer an Advanced Colour Training Module, to teach you how to use your colour knowledge to conduct a Virtual Colour Analysis Session Online.

Find out how you could provide Online Colour Analysis Consultations

The Complete Colour Analysis Training Module

This module will teach you how to:

  • Use your drapes to analyse people effectively.
  • Demonstrate the effect of the different colours.
  • Listen to your client, build rapport and put them at their ease.
  • Explain how to rescue any “wrong” colours and introduce new colours into the wardrobe.
  • Advise on flattering accessories, make-up and hair colours.
  • Find paying clients, network and market your business.

colour analysis training

The simple step-by-step analysis process will help you analyse anyone skilfully and easily. A personal colour analysis consultation can be conducted with one client or in small groups of people.

You could add a make-up session to this consultation, applying cosmetics that enhance the client’s colouring.

The assessments are based on the criteria for the FIPI Masters Award in Image Consultancy.

You will receive a certificate on successful completion of your assessment.

Topics covered in the Complete Colour Analysis Module:

  • The history, theory, benefits and practice of Colour Analysis.
  • Understanding the colour characteristics.
  • Colour Psychology.
  • The full draping sequence.
  • How to use a colour “swatch”.
  • The importance of neutral colours.
  • Creating a capsule wardrobe.
  • Your image, attitude and confidence.
  • Your business – finding clients and networking.

The Complete Colour Analysis Training kit includes the following equipment – All you need to get started:

  • A full set of 89 colour drapes, including silver and gold.
  • Online access to the training videos, handouts and manual pages.
  • Four seasonal colour swatches.
  • Colour chart and artist’s colour wheel.
  • Eye analyser, cover-up cape and hair turban.
  • Four lipsticks and a set of applicators.
  • A set of fabric samples.
  • The “Colour Game” to help embed your colour knowledge

Module Fees

Instalment options are available – please call or email the office for details. + 44 (0) 1442 359689

The Online Module costs £1,115 and you will gain immediate access to the training content. Your training equipment will be shipped to you, and arrive a few days later.