sandcastleIt’s all very well knowing that you need a holiday, the agonising over how, where and when to go is often enough to ensure that you need to take another holiday – there is so much choice!  Whoever you are and whatever your situation it’s really important that you switch off when you run your own business – but what happens to your business when you are having that break?

Think about when you might take holiday.  Now is the perfect time – August is traditionally the time when there is a natural lull in the pace of image businesses.  We’re in between seasons, so take the opportunity to recharge your batteries whilst the shops are in transition waiting for the autumn collections.  Planning ahead and managing your client’s expectations is also important.  Communicate with your client base and let them know with plenty of time that you are going to be away.

Top tips to help you run your business whilst on holiday

  1. Put an out of office message on your email – if you’re not sure how to do it, find out now rather than five minutes before you actually need to go!
  2. Think about what you want to say in your message – what about; ‘Thank you for your message, I am out of the office returning on X, and will be in touch then’.
  3. Make sure that you have recorded a message on your work telephone(s).  Perhaps instead of leaving a message, you ask them to send you a text message / email to save your voicemail / answer phone getting full with messages.
  4. If you have an active social media profile, schedule your messages using Hootsuite or another similar platform to ensure that you are still sharing information during your holidays.
  5. It might be that you employ a Virtual Assistant to manage all or some of these elements for you.  Again you need to plan ahead for this eventuality and make sure that you have found the right person to field those emails and telephone calls.  Regardless you need to manage your client’s expectations and be clear about when you will respond to their messages.
  6. I find that a couple of days into my holiday, as my brain is slowing down, I often have a ‘business brainwave’ so I always travel with a notebook just to jot these ideas down, if you want to expand them whilst you are away, then great, but if not, you won’t lose these nuggets of brilliance and you’ll be able to follow up with the ideas when you are refreshed and back in the office!Run Your Business Whilst on Holiday
  7. And finally even when you are on holiday pack your business cards, you never know who you might meet – Personal Stylist to Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt?!

And then you know you can really relax …


How to Run Your Business Whilst on Holiday