Style is the watchword for this year’s X Factor. Contestants and judges are styled to within an inch of their lives. We have a stylist singing, we have a singer going out with a stylist, a judge planning to marry a stylist and Cheryl and Dannii’s ‘Style Wars’ regularly filling column inches. There’s a tie in on the X Factor website with a catalogue company, more product placement than you can count – and yet regularly we are all forced to shout ‘What are they wearing?’

Well this Saturday as I was sitting down to watch the X Factor, my family began to take cover. They were preparing for my usual rant against a show that confuses stylists with theatrical costumiers and make up with special effects. After all we had been warned – it was the Elton John tribute week.

And yet I was quiet. What had happened? The girls appeared in a haze of fresh looks and golden beauty. Make-up was subdued and dewy, enhancing the girls’ natural features. Clothing was edgy and street or softly sophisticated but in all cases reflecting the personality of the artist. Even the boys retained their own sense of style with only a little Lurex spoiling the harmony. Sadly Cheryl did seem to have a ginger cat on her head and hasn’t yet learned that it is ill advised to wear a strapless dress when behind a table. (Cocktail parties and balls – yes, dinner parties – no, as you end up looking naked and your dress takes on a life of its own, separate from your bosoms!) Dannii did however make up for it by reflecting the same fresh style of the contestants in a soft Grecian styled dress and gentle hairstyle.

Suddenly we saw the best aspects of a personal stylist’s art!

  • A personal stylist will consider your personality, tastes and lifestyle to help you discover a look that is fashionable and right for you.
  • They are trained professionals who can identify a wide range of body issues and help you to dress correctly and flatter your shape.
  • A good personal stylist is aware of current trends and fashions working them into your wardrobe to keep you looking fresh and up to date.
  • They have an understanding of colours and tones that enhance your natural features.
  • Personal styling is about evolving a look that works with your lifestyle. A good stylist may move you a little out of your style comfort zone but you’ll end up feeling fantastic and looking great.


Obviously there were a few slip ups. Mary has been beautifully styled every week but does it always have to be jet black? Aubergine, pine green and purple are all in keeping with her style – that fabulous winter colouring of hers gives stylists a great palette of strong colours to work with. I’m also not sorry to see the end of Aiden’s quiff – far too Jedward. I don’t count Wagner – from what I’ve heard even I would be pushed to style him!

So have I forgiven the X Factor stylists? The less said about Sunday the better really. Simon, dressed identically to the previous evening looked like he had been put in a box overnight. Dannii sadly rediscovered her quiff and Cheryl’s ‘Minnie Mouse / Princess Leia hairstyle is not a look I’ll be recommending to my clients!

I suppose I have to accept that X Factor style is about column inches and pizzazz. It’s not about a look for a lifestyle but an image for an evening. When the contestants have all been eliminated and the finalist chosen it will be the frocks and the theatre we’ll remember, not the songs, and we’ll be turning towards the Britain’s Got Talent judges for our next style fix.

X Factor Style – The Week That Style Came Top