Women Unlimited Business ClubLast Thursday I hosted a Discovery Day in St Albans for Women Unlimited Worldwide who are launching their new Business Clubs throughout the UK.  The Business Clubs are all about helping to build and grow a sustainable business and the women who attended the Discovery Day reiterated that this is what they want and need right now!!

Julie Hall - Women Unlimited Founder
Julie Hall – Women Unlimited Founder


“Tomorrow starts today” is the strapline of the Women Unlimited Business Club, and actually for 11 business owners that’s exactly what did happen.  Eleven unconnected businesses all signed up there and then to being a new journey.  Eleven businesses identified that they wanted and needed to connect, learn grow and thrive – and that this was the right environment for them!

Why might you benefit from joining a club similar to this?  And why is it so important to learn and grow whilst running a business?

The benefits are incredible: an opportunity to brainstorm, share ideas and overwhelm, to share a sisterhood, a “kinship of the trials of running and owning a small business”.  Surrounding yourself, once a month, with others who face similar obstacles; to share and celebrate achievements is incredibly powerful.


women unlimited trainingThis is the opportunity to take time out and focus only on your business to learn new strategies that will improve your bottom line, to develop skills, and teach yourself how to make use of cutting edge marketing business strategy tools and tactics.

I have written before about how it is all too easy to become stuck and to become sluggish about work. So find something to inject a buzz – it’ll inspire not only you but the clients that you serve!

women unlimited brainstormingBelonging to a mastermind group is one of the main recommendations in Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich” so finding a group of like-minded people who support you and your business is very powerful.

There is of course some natural networking when people are in a room together but this group is about learning, masterminding and about really understanding what is possible for them and their business.


So do something for your business this week, and look for something similar or start your own mastermind group!!

The Women Unlimited Business Club Launch
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