Phase Eight Jumpsuit
Phase Eight Jumpsuit

Only 2 weeks to go!! I’m off to the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) Conference in Washington DC at the end of August. I have wanted to attend the AICI Conference for about 15 years but the time has never been right for me so as soon as I knew the dates this year I booked up! There will be 4 days of seminars, workshops, exhibitions, socialising and networking PLUS a bit of shopping and sightseeing either side – so what to wear……?!!

Even as an experienced Image Consultant this is a bit of a challenge! There will be stylists from all over the World, with different cultural and corporate styles; new and seasoned consultants with a mixture of ages and style personalities. Therefore, after much consideration and chatting to friends who have been previously, I am going to go with “comfortably smart”. There will be a couple of dresses, my favourite jumpsuits, smart jeans, a jacket or two, white, navy and grey trousers plus a variety of co-ordinating tops and thin cardigans.

I have been thinking about the colours and styles to take – bearing in mind that it will probably be 90 degrees outside but sub Arctic indoors with fierce air conditioning! Following on from my suitcase packing guidelines I don’t want to take 10 pairs of shoes and numerous colours. So at the moment my short list is based around navy, grey, white, pale blue and pale green.

Having a restricted colour palette  helps with accessorising Рsimplifying the bags, jewellery, scarves and shoes that I will need to take (I should be able to manage with a maximum of 4 pairs of shoes and 2 bags.)

Here are a couple of photos of my capsule conference wardrobe so far – I’m sure this will change and I will write a blog when I get back revealing what I actually wore…..!

what to wear
Clothes so far….
conference shoes
Possible shoes….










What to Wear