what to wear when pregnantOur bodies flex and change as our baby grows and our tummies (and the rest of our bodies!) swell to support the growth of our baby.  There is so much to think about, your health, your baby’s health, the future and typically the juggle of a commute to work, the hormones, well just everything and then your clothes get too uncomfortable.  It’s hard to think about fashion trends when your body is growing and all you want is comfort!


A client called me recently as she was in despair as to what to wear – her tummy is showing, her ankles get swollen and she still has another two months at work.  She has been ‘getting away’ with the clothes in her wardrobe but wanted to inject some fabulousness into what she was wearing.  Kate Middleton will, in time, be feeling much the same!

What to Wear When Pregnant – Essential Maternity Clothes

For most of us a few key items are vital, this would be my list:

Pregnancy jeans – you will wear and wear them – and will need to be prised out of them once the baby is born!!

Black trousers – with an ability to wear either over the entire bump or underneath – there are plenty around and you need to invest in this item, investing will mean that the trousers wont ‘go at the knees’ and you will be able to glam them up or dress them down with a t-shirt or a shirt or with a cardi or a jacket.

A wrap around dress is a great item that you will be able to wear to work, with heels for a meeting and flats for the rest of the day.  Some of the dresses on the market are long in length, if you are investing get the dress taken up to the right length, just as you would with any other item of clothing.  Remember, the front of a maternity dress is typically cut longer at the front, to allow for the bump to grow!  You can wear leggings with a wrap dress and make the outfit warmer and funky!

Cardigans, leggings and tunics will become your favourite friends, but just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean that you have to cover yourself in loads of fabric, so ensure that your clothes don’t smother you!

Retailers with maternity sections include: H&M, Next, ASOS, New Look, Vertbaudet, Seraphine, Isabella Oliver and good old Mothercare!

Much of the problem of dressing during pregnancy is that the clothes are cut in a style which you wouldn’t consider in any other circumstance.  The makers of these items do know what they are doing … the clothes you wear need to be comfortable!  They have to have “give”, they are made in fabrics that are breathable and that offer your body movement.  This wouldn’t be an article on pregnancy if I didn’t mention a good bra is absolutely essential as is saying goodbye to sky scraper heels.  You know it makes sense!

So it’s the accessories that are the key, when the wardrobe that you are wearing is more limited.  Think about a pair of statement earrings, a necklace &/or a scarf!  You could change an outfit that you wear every day with a different accessory and make it look totally different.  So give it a go, and inject some style!

What to Wear When Pregnant