Plan to look fabulous!

When you receive that invitation don’t leave planning your outfit to the last minute! Being a wedding guest gives you the opportunity to buy a new outfit or re-vamp an old one. If you are planning to wear an existing dress or outfit hang it up or lay it on the bed – then look through your accessories – shoes, hats, bags, necklaces, bangles, pashminas – holding them up against the outfit/dress to get inspiration and to see where there might be any gaps.  Then try everything on to ensure that it all fits and works together before you hit the shops!

Practical things to consider include:

  • If the wedding is taking place in the UK  you may need a coat / jacket / cardigan / pashmina / umbrella – so be prepared for any eventuality!
  • Where is the wedding being held – in church, registry office, abroad and will it be formal or more casual?
  • Is the wedding continuing into the evening? If so will you wear the same clothes, maybe taking off a jacket and changing accessories, or will you need another outfit?

Choosing the right shoes

  • Make sure that your shoes are comfortable. 
  • ŸAvoid ankle straps if you have wide ankles.
  • If you are revealing your toes in strappy sandals make sure you have a pedicure!
  • ŸGo for a nude/neutral/metallic shoe if you can’t find a pair to match the colour of your outfit. This has the added advantage of making your legs look longer.
  • Make sure your shoes balance the texture and weight of your outfit e.g. don’t wear black court shoes with a floaty dress.
  • ŸAvoid stiletto heels if you are going to be standing on a lawn as they have a tendency to sink into the grass!

 Co-ordinating your accessories

  • ŸHats, shoes and handbag don’t all have to be the same colour. Go for two colours that match the rest of your outfit e.g. if you have a purple and grey dress you could wear grey shoes and hat with a purple bag.


Next time I will be looking at hats!!


What to wear to a Summer Wedding
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