Stylish Dressing For Your Date

It’s Valentine’s Day! – A day to celebrate your love for someone and hopefully the chance to go out. It doesn’t matter if this is your first date or you’ve been together for 20 years – put some effort into your appearance – it shows you care and value the person you are with.

For Women:

  • On the date show some skin but not too much – less really is more! – If you’re doing cleavage don’t do legs as well.
  • If you don’t want to bare too much, look for tops with chiffon sleeves or wear a vest top with a sheer / lacy over-top.
  • Wear tactile fabrics that look like they need to be touched!
  • Make sure your clothes “skim not cling” – anything too tight isn’t going to look good or be comfortable.
  • Wear some make-up.
  • Wear sparkly earrings so that attention is drawn to your face.
  • Wear a colour that makes you look and feel fantastic, so that your date wants to look deeply into your eyes!

For Men:

  • Make an effort!
  • Wear a smart shirt, that you don’t wear to work
  • Smart jeans or tailored trousers depending on the venue.
  • Smart (polished) shoes.

Avoid too much perfume or after-shave, smile and have fun!!

What to Wear on a Date
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