wedding-bouquetIt’s that time of year when you (or more importantly your clients) might be receiving wedding invitations. As a Personal Stylist and Image Consultant how can you help clients with their wedding styling?

There are various ways you can get involved with the wedding market and it is a great niche to specialise in. At a very basic level you can be there for clients to help them find a great outfit to wear on the day – this is likely to be an extra shopping trip with existing clients.

However think about how you could market yourself if you want to work in this arena consistently.

Wedding Styling Services


There are various services that you could offer: from wedding make-up on the day to full scale styling of the whole wedding party which might have lasted months.

If you want to focus on the latter service think about who you are targeting – is it the Bride? The Mother of the Bride or even the Bridegroom? If you can get involved at the start of the planning you could help with the colour scheme of the dresses/suits/bridesmaids/Mothers/flowers/decor. etc etc.

You could offer a group colour and style analysis to everyone to ensure that they all look fabulous in flattering and co-ordinated dresses or outfits. If the bridesmaids are different colouring and shapes you could for example have the same colour but select different shades and have the same fabric but different shapes. If this sounds too complicated most people suit the colour teal so this is a great universal bridesmaid colour!

wedding stylingYou could work with the Bride to select the right colour and style for her dress and then go shopping with her or research where she could find the perfect dress. You could work with the Groom to find the best suit, tie and shirt for his colouring that will co-ordinate with everyone else and there is also the option to work with same sex couples to help design their perfect day.


If you want to explore this market think about who you could target to help you – wedding planners would be the ideal starting point. Also contact wedding venues; photographers; wedding dress shops or hairdressers – They may be able to introduce you to potential brides/grooms. You could exhibit at wedding fayres.

Also be aware that if you focus on the wedding make-up side you may have to work on Saturdays, although increasingly this is less and less.

It is an exciting market to explore so give it some thought…..


Wedding Styling