studying at home

If you are contemplating studying one of our Distance Learning Courses it is important to consider the following details.

Know Your Learning Style

Before you start a key thing to know is your preferred learning style and then how to use this effectively when you are studying at home….

There are 3 main learning styles:

Auditory – you understand and process information by listening and can often remember things without having to write anything down.

Visual – you learn by reading and watching, seeing ideas demonstrated will work for you.

Kinesthetic – you prefer to experience situations so you will want to make notes whilst watching and listening and will be eager to practice your new skills on your family as soon as possible!

With the DVD based Style Training Kits that we offer, you have the opportunity to listen, read, watch and experience the training content in the way that suits you best.

Manage your time

clockPut together a schedule that you follow week by week, allowing yourself the right balance of study vs play. It might be that you are working full time whilst training for your new style career. Be realistic with your expectations – when can you find time for you to study?

Studying in small chunks is proven to work. So locking yourself away for 3 hours isn’t going to be as effective as having 3 x 40minute chunks of time. Setting a timer often helps – also during this time switch off the phone, any email updates and Facebook “pings”!

Prepare your environment

It’s not good preparing to study if the dishes are stacked up and you have three calls to return. These may nag you and you won’t be at your best, so prepare yourself. Know that you are going to clear a couple of jobs and your reward is to study. To get that little bit closer to your personal goal!

Find a safe place to Learn

Have a think about how you will learn best and what your study style is, are you better making notes as you watch a DVD or would you be better to watch, write up and then use the manual to cross reference what you didn’t quite catch?

Get the temperature in the room right, have a large glass of water by your side and drink it, stay hydrated and allow yourself some natural daylight if you can, a positive environment to study is KEY!

“The module format of the Distance Learning Course helps to ensure you’re on the right track. You can study at your own pace and it’s all in logical, manageable stages building up your knowledge as you go through the course. The level of detail is phenomenal and Gail has a lot of good advice on building up the business side of things. What’s great is that you can build up a business as you go through the course. I still work part-time and what started as an interesting side-line has real potential to become a strong business. Study in Style is a great investment; the course is rich in detail and offers brilliant value for money. I now have new skills I’ll always be able to use.”

Victoria Lochhead,

Top Tips for Studying at Home