One of the quickest ways to help your new business grow is to work with other people…

buiness growThrough your networking you will probably be meeting other business owners in similar and complementary businesses. Eg hairdressers, beauty therapists and boutique owners. My business really took off after I did a talk at my hairdressers – this was billed as a “thank you” evening for their best clients and I was the “entertainment!”


However, also think about other businesses who may be attracting your ideal clients – these might include: personal trainers, life coaches, alternative therapists or wedding planners.

By getting to know and understand how their businesses work you would also be able to recommend your clients to them. A good way to find out more is to offer to “barter services” that way you both have a better understanding of what you can offer potential clients – I have had some amazing therapies, fabulous massages and even a logo designed via this bartering process!

You could join forces with someone else to lower individual fees at say a wedding fayre or exhibition or lend a hand at a fashion show.

Going forward you may also be able to develop workshops or training courses together – this has happened numerous times when I have linked up with life coaches &/or weight loss professionals. The other benefit of collaborating in this way is that your co-collaborator will be advertising your services to their client list, so even if their client doesn’t participate in the workshop they are now aware of you!

There are all sorts of ways you can use this affiliate marketing online as well – when you feel confident to try! Please ask me when you are ready.

So start networking and talking to people who you think might be able to help, because it is all about recommendations – we all know that referrals from a trusted source are far more powerful than any advertising campaign…….


Tips on Collaboration to Help Your Business Grow