fashion trendsThe Autumn 2018 Fashion Trends are flooding into the shops and your inbox.

But what are the styles, shapes and colours that you will find?

This time of year is always exciting as the summer sale garments are replaced by jumpers, coats and boots.

The top fashion trends to look out for this autumn are:

  1. Animal print – this is absolutely everywhere! On every conceivable garment and accessory as well as in a variety of different colour ways and prints. Think leopard, snake, zebra and more.
  2. Pleated Skirts – This style has been around for a couple of seasons but continues to be popular – if you can find one in an animal print then you will be “killing 2 birds with one stone”!
  3. Shades of pink and red – something for everyone here, especially if you know the right pink or red to wear! If not you need to learn with some colour analysis training! The colours range from tomato red through to pastel pink.
  4. Tweed and Plaid – These traditional autumnal fabrics get an interesting new look as they are lots of boots and bags as well as clothes using checks this season.
  5. Brown is the new Black – Great for anyone with a warm skintone – stock up on your browns whilst you can! M&S even have some brown opaque tights…..
  6. White boots and stilettos – yes I’m afraid so!! I have been trying to avoid this one (and there is no need to follow this at all). Just be aware that if you see people wearing this trend they haven’t gone completely retro!
  7. Other 1980’s themes – again avoid if you were there the first time around as it is never the same again! But you may see slouchy boots, satin and big shoulders.

So the question is which trend are you going to try…??

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The Top Autumn 2018 Fashion Trends