The Power of Colour Analysis

Have you ever had one of those days when you are feeling great, you’ve slept well and you have a spring in your step….and then someone asks you if you are feeling okay?

You look at them quizzically and say “yes I feel fine,” but then you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and you realise that you look tired, ill and drained. How did that happen?

This is probably because you are wearing the “wrong” colour for you. As a colour consultant you could be helping people find flattering colours that suit their natural colouring so that they can create a co-ordinated wardrobe that they love.

The Power of Colour Analysis

Once you have discovered this magical information it will make sorting their wardrobe and taking them shopping an absolute breeze as you can focus on these colours – ignoring all those unflattering colours. This is a simple process to learn but has far reaching benefits.

We offer two colour analysis training modules that you could use to develop your image consultancy or personal styling business.

Boutique owners, hairdressers and personal shoppers have also used the training to boost their businesses.

To discover how you could utilise the power of colour analysis, choose from either the Essential Colour Analysis Course or the Complete Colour Analysis Course. 

The Power of Colour Analysis