When you are self-employed it is vital to take time out to relax and rest – this often gives us the space to gain a great prospective on the business as well. Typically as an employee you enjoy the benefits of an HR department that make sure your chair fits with EU health and safety; there is the luxury of an IT helpdesk; there are regulations in place to ensure you take regular breaks and there is a standard working day of 9-5 and so on.

take time outWhen you run and own your own business there is nobody to remind you to take time out – to look after the most important person (not your clients this time) but YOU.  You need to surround yourself with friends and family that want you to succeed, that have your best interests at heart to help influence your decision making when you need it and support the highs and lows.  Tap into these people and ensure that you are creating the work life balance that you wanted to have when you set up your own business.

You need to have regular breaks, you need time to relax, but how do you take the time away from your business when there is so much to do?

There are so many tricks to being self employed and lots of free help and advice.  I would suggest that you focus very clearly on when you want to work and when you want to play.  As I talked about in my blog a couple of weeks ago, entitled ‘sharpen the saw’, getting the balance right between the many aspects of your life it no easy task.

There are obvious times in our industry when life is busier – at the beginning of a new season when you will be needed to shop, so prepare for those times, by making sure that you have your accounts and your admin up to date during quieter times.

take time outI am a huge fan of Grace Marshall who has written a book on time management, it really is the key to your success.  If you manage your time well, you will, in equal portion I hope allow yourself to grow and take time out to look after you too.  So whatever you enjoy doing, whether it is volunteering for a charity,  running, cooking, fishing, pilates, yoga, netball, football, curling up and reading a book that you can’t remember the beginning of – do it, schedule it in because you are your business!

Finally, if you haven’t booked a holiday this year, make an action to do that … you need a break.  It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but give yourself something to look forward to.

Let me know how you get on!

Take Time Out For You