uniformSeptember is now definitely here, the kids are back at school, the weather has turned and because this always feels like the start of a new year/new term we can look forward with renewed vigour to the next few months – traditionally the busiest time for the image industry.

If you have been busy organising your children’s school uniform you will know how great they looked on the first day of term, with garments that (hopefully!) co-ordinated with one another but more importantly make it easy for them to get dressed in the morning!
Have you ever considered if you have a “uniform”? It is important as we organise our wardrobes, to start to create a few outfits that will become our safe haven – clothes that we know will work for us, making us look and feel fantastic, as well as being appropriate AND maximising our personal brand as a personal stylist. Quite a tall order huh?!
A uniform helps to define who you are and what you do. To create the “uniform” that is right for you, you need to consider your personality, your lifestyle and how you want to be perceived.
Personality: Are you a classic dresser, a more natural kind of girl or do you love to add some bling or drama to your outfit?
Lifestyle: Where do you live, what do you do on an average day and who do you meet?
Perception: Think of 3 words that describe how you would like to be perceived by others – these words may be different in a work and social environment.
All of these elements will determine the types of garments that will be right for you – the shape, the fit, the fabric, the embellishments, the accessories, the price, the colours, the patterns etc. All of these elements will create a uniform that is unique to you.

Getting Your Uniform Basics Right.

blk-and-white-dummiesAll uniforms are based around a neutral colour – think of schools, airlines, armed forces or banks and there is a solid base colour. What will be your neutral? Think black, navy, grey, brown, beige or camel depending on your colouring.

Buy your key pieces in this neutral colour – trousers, jacket, skirt, shoes, dress, bag, belt, knitwear. AND then to get you started choose 2 other colours from your colour swatch for tops, accessories, knitwear, jackets and coats in styles and fabrics to suit your personality and budget.

To get started, you should aim to create 3 – 4 “uniform outfits” for presenting, consulting or networking. (NB make a note in your diary of where and when you wear each outfit so that you don’t wear the same clothes when you are consulting with a client that you wore to the meeting where you met them!)
Good luck and enjoy experimenting!!
If you want more help or advice join The Wardrobe That Works Programme – an 8 week programme aimed at creating the wardrobe that works for you.


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