Spring is finally here, and for those of you who haven’t had time to pore over the fashion mags here’s a potted guide to Spring 2010 style. The one thing we can be sure of this year is that having started so late, spring will be short  – so this is not the time to pay a fortune for that cutting edge piece. Instead, a few carefully chosen on-trend pieces will keep you in the loop, and you might find that now is the time to venture into the world of cheap chic.

Double denim – yes it’s still with us, but wear with a loose boyfriend blazer with rolled sleeves, ripped or patched jeans will add an edge.

Sportswear fashion could be a minefield so team loose bottoms with soft buttery leather jackets in muted shades and dump the old trainers for peeptoe bootshoes.

For those who find top to toe white challenging, nude shades can flatter and give a contemporary feel. They can be teamed up with the ubiquitous soft leather jacket (yes leather jackets are v. useful this season) and if you’re tired of trousers skirt lengths can be ultra short or ultra long.

If you aren’t tired of trousers you might like to look at this seasons patterned trousers – not for the faint hearted as they do draw attention to the lower half of the body. Tailored high waisted versions can also look good with heels. If you’ve long slender pins you can try patterned denim jeans – some of the more muted patterns go well with baggy tops, and if you want to go the full 100% jumpsuits are still in and some of the tailored grown up versions I’ve seen are very flattering.

Underwear as outerwear is surprisingly easy to wear – just a little bit of lace peeping above or below an outfit, or a corset top under a boyfriend jacket or simply a lace trimmed camisole will look great for spring. Don’t overdo it though – choose your time and place carefully if you want to embrace the trend wholeheartedly – and the same goes for over the knee socks and hot pants!

Grubby gold is a great theme to choose for key pieces – scarves, little tops, jewellery. I’m sure this will go through into summer along with this spring’s tribal theme – animal prints, safari cuts and good earthy colours.

To accessorise they want us to wear bunny ears and bow headbands, but I’ve seen knotted scarves in the hair on the catwalks that will do just as well. Across the body bags are here to stay as are last year’s gladiators – but they’ll be in brighter colours this time round. You’ll see florals and wedges and a range of exciting heels in a range of pretty colours – no day glo this year.

Long hair is in – try a side plait, gentle waves or a messy chignon. Alternatively you can go very short and dye it black but I suggest you talk to me first!!

And you can tell the men out there not to get excited. The 1980s look and the military look are drawing to a close, but very slowly, so tone down what you’ve got and don’t buy anything extreme!

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