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This is the time of year when we are determined to make some changes in our lives. I recently contributed to an article about making Style Resolutions and these were the top suggestions for you to adopt in the year ahead:


Your Style Resolutions for 2013

Stop impulse-buying

Buy clothes that suit your body, your lifestyle and your existing wardrobe!

Ignore size labels

Size labels are only guide and sizes vary depending on which store you are in – it is much better that clothes “skim not cling”!

Have a proper bra-fittingbad-bra

You will be amazed – your clothes will look and feel so much better if your boobs are in the right place!

Stop covering yourself up

Equally, baggy garments are unflattering – if your clothes are too big you will look bigger! Ditch anything that doesn’t fit you properly.

Dress your age

There are many ways to dress stylishly without being a slave to fashion!

Smarten up your act

Add some structure and colour to your wardrobe!

Update your skincare regimestyle resolutions

It is always good to update your skincare regime regularly – I’ve just switched to the fabulous ARK Age Aware Skincare Products!

Give your make-up bag a makeover

A favourite exercise I undertake with my clients – mascaras should be switched every 6 months and it is amazing what germs cling to that old lipstick!

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