This colour will be everywhere. From complete outfits through to bags and flip flops.

If you have warm colouring, find the shade of orange that works best for you. Generally the deep, burnt oranges are idea for Autumns, whereas the lighter, brighter shades are great for Springs, especially when the orange morphs into coral or peach.

For all of us cool skintones it is best to avoid orange near your face but you could use it in a pattern or an accessory or alternatively colour blocked with black, navy, bright pink, burgundy or white.


This style detail will spread its influence into many different garments. A peplum is basically a frill around the waist and/or hips, so you will see it attached to blouses, skirts and jackets. Be wary where the frill is placed as it could widen already wide hips and thighs! However it is a great addition if you want to add curves.

Floral Patterns

The perennial spring/summer trend is back, but this year it’s to be seen in small prints on wide leg trousers and in big bold and bright patterns elsewhere. Look out for flowers on jackets, leggings and bags. You could also clash a variety of patterns – mix different sized florals together &/or with stripes. To ensure it looks like you meant to do it, one colour needs to run through all the patterns!


This trend works well with all the oranges and it is strengthened with the use of geometric lines and shapes highlighted in black.

The tribal theme will be strong in accessories and is a great way of updating a simple monochromatic outfit.

Pastel and Mint

This is a complete contrast to all the bright, bold patterns and the abundance of orange.

Think colour blocked  pastel shades of pink, blue, mint and lemon yellow – this is as clashing as us ‘summers’ will get!


Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Trends