M&S ruffle and trsM&S Ruffle wrap dressAlthough I am not an advocate of following every whim of the fashion industry, in our business it is always important to be aware of the main Spring Summer Trends so that you can share these with your clients and consider them when you are shopping. Many of the trends this season are being combined in the same garment so it will be easy to buy just one or two pieces to give a nod to fashion. There is a move to some of the less extreme 1980’s styles with the return of wrap skirts and dresses and more of a focus on the waist.


The Top Spring Summer Trends 2017


M&S cold shoulderM&S JumperSleeves

There are a variety of different sleeve details on shirts, tops and dresses. There is the “cold shoulder” look – cutaway sleeves that expose the top of the shoulder; the massive puff sleeve; the frilled sleeve – designed to drip in your gravy &/or poke out from underneath a jumper or trenchcoat!!


M&S Ruffle skirtM&S ruffle blouseRuffles

Ruffles are everywhere! On skirts, dresses and tops – you really won’t be able to miss them! If you find an item that you like and that suits you go for it but be aware of going too over the top, as too many ruffles could add to your scale and overwhelm you!



M&S A line skirtM&S Ruffle pencil skirtSkirts

There is a big return to skirts with a variety of different styles available – watch the length, as midi lengths make a return – these will usually cross your calf at its widest point so choose your skirt with care! The most common styles being promoted are wrap or pencil skirts (plain or with a ruffle) or alternatively slightly A-line. The main difference to recent skirt styles is that you will need to tuck in your top because otherwise the skirt will look all wrong and any detail around the waistband will be lost.


M&S wide trsSimilarly the wider leg trousers with high waists and 80’s style, “peg” details need to reveal the waist band. Belts will therefore become more obvious and important, either as self fabric, tie belts or as standalone items.

M&S Wrap topWaist

The waist will also be more prominent in dresses and tops with lots of wrap and tie options as we return to creating and emphasising the hour glass shape – hurrah!!


spring summer trendsTrenchcoats

Are the practical coat solution for the season as they are lightweight and help keep you dry during a shower. They are available in lots of different colours so you don’t have to opt just for beige!



M&S pink shoeColour

And the colour of the Spring Summer season is…..PINK!!

From soft baby pink to bright fuchsia and with various shades worn together (although I would limit the number of shades to just 3 if you want to try this one!!) The baby pink trend is very obvious in accessories – especially bags and shoes.


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