So what are you wearing today? Have my style tips for spring made the transition to your summer wardrobe, or have some of them, as I warned you, been a short term indulgence?

There are some super new entrants for high summer, with the maxi dress clearly in the lead. It may be tough to wear when the weather’s grim, but there’s a style for every body shape, it looks great with spring’s high wedges or flat, flat gladiators, and what a great way to showcase this summer’s vibrant sherbet colours. We’re seeing tie dye, techno prints, big blowsy florals and, as expected, spring’s tribal prints. And not just in dresses – these tribal prints are to be found across the board in shorts, tops, skirts and even trousers.

Maxi Dresses

As in spring skirt lengths are still working the extremes. Little skater skirts are everywhere, and although not flattering to all body shapes or ages, they can be paired with either a loose T shirt or a body and little denim jacket.. They must however be worn with flats – little pumps for dressing up and flat, strappy gladiators for casual.

Many spring trends are still with us  – but modified to suit the better (?) weather. Double denim has morphed into denim dresses and little shorts coupled with soft chambray shirts. Breton stripes and nautical styles have hung on and no-one has felt brave enough to ditch the above the knee nude trench coats we saw last season. Underwear as outerwear is still with us, but to suit the more relaxed style of dressing for the summer we are seeing the return of the body. The very best ones are lace and give great definition although do be careful if you are long in the body – ouch. They look great teamed up with the boyfriend blazer (no – still not gone away, but roll up the sleeves and make sure it’s not too baggy).

The nude shades remain although after the Michelle Obama furore designers are now using the  terms ‘blush’ or ‘peach’. Use as either a contrast with dark colours such as chocolate brown, navy and black or on Summers and Springs with very pale skin. Accessorise with this summer’s fierce chunky natural jewellery.


Trousers are still a big story, which isn’t surprising considering the weather we have had – and seem to still be having. The distressed skinny jeans remain with us and although we haven’t seen many patterned loose trousers worn, the patterned denims have been very popular and are still widely available in an increasing range of colours. There are lots ditsy little shorts – indeed all shorts are little this season I’m afraid – and the promised hot pants are still predicted. Another popular trend are loose A line camisole tops – I’ve seen a lot of these in floaty fabrics, some with asymmetric hems and ruffles, falling from the bust and from an empire line. They are all lengths and can be worn with trousers, cropped leggings and with bronzed bare legs on holiday.

Harem Pants

For those who like a looser fit trouser the pyjama pants and harem pants are not so extreme this season – with a higher crotch and flattering wide waistbands. Ensure they aren’t too voluminous but there are so many variations on a theme that you should be able to find something suitable eventually.

What didn’t translate from the predicted spring trends? I haven’t seen much of the promised soft buttery leather being worn – my guess is that it has been either too hot or too wet and cold for people to risk it. Keep a look out in the sales as the more classic pieces can’t fail to prove a good buy. I can’t say that I’ve seen many jumpsuits either – they are promising new summer ‘playsuit’ versions with cropped legs or shorts, but my guess is that these will prove even harder to wear. The peep toe bootshoes so loved on the catwalk have become bootie sandals (will they be more popular?).

It seems we have been lucky and a lot of spring styles have survived the transition to summer. However, be warned – your summer wardrobe will be firmly stored away come autumn. The AW catwalks have been full of styles best called ‘casual elegant’ – clean lines, black, camel and neutral tones with structured styling and formal tailoring. It looks like spring’s trench coat will live to fight another day!

Spring into Summer Fashion Trends