Organise your wardrobe

As it is finally getting warmer, it’s time to think about spring cleaning. This applies to our clothes as well as our houses – so why not take the opportunity to organise your wardrobe (and shelves, drawers and make-up bags!)

I’ll discuss how to do this over the next few weeks, but an organised wardrobe needs some pre-planning.

Invest in some decent hangers. Wooden hangers are great and generally considered to be the best, (especially for jackets) but they do take up a lot of room, so if space is at a premium, look for velvet covered (flocked), space saver hangers. These really are magic hangers and can even be found in Primark at the moment, in a range of bright colours. (10 for £4)

How to Hang Trousers

Trousers should be hung from the hem with “grippy” hangers. A colleague has just told me about a foolproof way of hanging trousers over a bar – especially useful if you are short of long hanging space or for any mens trousers. It is called The Saville Row Method – this stops any marks forming across the trouser leg and stops the trousers slipping off the bar.

Avoid the space saving, multi-bar hangers – when clients have used these in the past, clothes and outfits have got lost under all the different layers of garments.

How to store shoes

If you have the space and/or a lot of shoes, it is worth storing them in boxes – either in the box they came in or in a clear plastic box try Amazon or

If you have invested in good quality leather boots and shoes it is worth using shoe trees or boot shapers.

A great way to store any chunky necklaces is to use a mug tree and hang the necklaces from the “arms” – each arm can hold a number of necklaces and this helps stop them getting tangled up.

Spring Clean Your Wardrobe