Wear make up, earn more money

Now you have sorted through your wardrobe and accessories it is time to tackle your make-up bag. Remember, it has been found that women that wear complementary make-up can expect to earn 22% more money! The implication is that if  you are prepared to take time and care over your appearance,  you will then take time and care over your work.

Make up use by dates

The beauty industry (not surprisingly!) is keen for us to replace our make-up regularly and since 2003, it been compulsory for manufacturers to give their products use-by dates. These are in the form of a little jar symbol with, for example, ‘6M’ on it. This indicates that, under normal use, the product will remain stable for up to six months from the day that you open it. This was done to protect the manufacturers who didn’t want to be faced with legal action in a case where someone had a bad reaction to an old, contaminated cosmetic.

However there are so many preservatives contained within most products that this is unlikely to be a major problem unless you have shared the product with other people or left the lid off. You do obviously need to be mindful and as the use by date for mascara is 3 – 6 months it probably isn’t going to be very effective if you’re still using it 2 years later! Be very aware of any make-up that looks or smells suspicious – it needs to go in the bin.


Make up and bacteria

The really scary items in our make-up bags are actually the sponges and brushes – they can support thousands of bacteria if not washed at least once a week! Bacteria live on the surface of everyone’s skin, so everytime a sponge touches your skin, it can pick up bacteria. This can then multiply on the sponge and possibly cause a nasty skin infection. If you ever have your make-up done by a cosmetic company they should use clean brushes and sponges and/or disposables.

So have a look through your make-up bag, check and clean all the products – if you haven’t used something for years it is unlikely that you will again, so create some space! Your make-up colours should reflect your colour analysis colours so you can ditch any lipsticks that are the wrong shade or tone for you. Once you have a selection of colours that flatter your complexion and colouring getting ready in the morning will become a lot quicker and easier.

Spring clean your make-up bag