I am sure that we were all intrigued to hear that Disney has banned the use of surgically enhanced boobs in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film. This news comes at a time when the number of boob jobs carried out in the UK has decreased in the last year.

So what’s the secret? I doubt that we are all planning to join Keira Knightley on the Spanish main, so the blame falls, as always, on the recession. My guess is that the clever girls have learned that investing in a good stylist beats the knife every time. So if nature hasn’t over endowed you in the boob department here are my tips for your top!


What a choice you girls have. Pretty much every neckline looks good on you – just don’t let it go too low and avoid plunging v necks. However if you want to look bigger up top a wide neckline will increase the visual width of the upper body. This means crewnecks and boatnecks look good, and layering through the bust will provide bulk and interest.

And don’t forget – the old tip of applying a little dark blusher in the cleavage area can still work wonders.


The rule here is big sleeves or no sleeves. Puff sleeves and cap sleeves add width to the shoulders whilst billowing sleeves draw attention to the arms and wrists. If you have lovely shoulders and arms then going sleeveless is a great option, as the best accessories of all are a pair of bronzed and toned upper arms.


Don’t hide your shape (or lack of it!) under baggy tops. Some gathered fabric around the bust can help and anything with stretch generally looks great with a small bust. Remember, a really curvy figure often looks clumsy in tight tops and a nipped in waist – whereas you, with clever use of belts and waist clinchers can flaunt the hourglass figure you dreamed of. Try double breasted jackets and military jackets over the top – very on trend.


Horizontal stripes will make you look wider on top so think yourself lucky. The shops are filled with trendy nautical themed tops in all shades and you can take your pick. Pity the poor big busted girl told to look for vertical stripes – when did you last see them on trend except for wallpaper?

Even if you aren’t as slim as you would like and find stripes an unwise choice then use horizontal seams and gathers to give you shape. You can still go for patterns although a word of warning – big patterns will dwarf your bust and ditsy prints can actually make your bust look smaller – so take a middle road.


Enjoy yourself – whatever the trend you can do it! Knots, frills, ruffles, gathers, pleats and pockets – if it adds interest to your bust then go for it! Little peasant tops, new romantic blouses, ribbed knit, crinkle cut – the choice is yours.

Getting the balance right

All small busted girls aren’t the same shape, so modify your look accordingly. If you are the traditional British pear shape then choose bright/light tops and dark bottoms. If you are straight top to bottom then embrace the empire line and use blocks of colour to give differentiation. Everyone has a good feature so focus attention on that and away from the bust – a great pair of legs, pretty wrists, slim hips – all can be enhanced by your choice of clothing so pay special attention to them.

Building on a firm foundation

A lot of small busted girls don’t feel the need to wear a bra, and for many looks and dresses this is great. But don’t forget that for all shapes a properly fitted bra will enhance your assets – little corsets or bustiers look great with a small bust – and you can successfully join the underwear as outerwear trend.

Use technology to make your bra really work for you. Choose from balconette, push up, gel filled, air filled – add silicon ‘chicken fillets’ if you like – you can change your look any time. So grab your favourite dress, visit a big department store when it’s quiet and don’t leave until the assistant is begging for mercy and you’ve got it right!

And finally

Where would we be without accessories? Draw attention away from the bust by filling an open neckline with jewellery, or by wearing big earrings. Knotted scarves will add volume and focus and you can get away with low pendants and statement chains.

But remember – the best accessory of all is confidence. Let good styling give you that confidence and save a fortune on plastic surgery!

Skip the Boob Job – See Your Stylist!
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