sunset_seaNo matter how passionate you are about your business, no matter how much energy you believe that you can inject into your business there comes a time where you HAVE TO HAVE A BREAK.

You need a break for your health, mental well being and believe it or not, your business!


Here  are my top 7 tips for enjoying your holidays away from your business


1. Plan Ahead…

If you are going on holiday you have to plan ahead to allow yourself to be organised in the run up to your much needed break.

2. Make Lists…

I make lists and prioritise. Starting a new project just days before a break because you feel inspired, isn’t the right course of action, I know because I have been there – you will have more clarity and more energy once you return.

3. Ditch the emails and phone calls…

If you have decided to go on your holidays do just that and leave the wi-fi behind.  Give yourself the permission to switch off from your emails – is that so bad? Start unsubscribing from those emails you never read! If you have planned ahead you will have ensured that your community are aware of your holiday – use an out of office reply on your email, an answerphone message or employ an telephone answering service to deal with your phone calls.

4. Be open to new ideas…business planning

The best ideas are often spawned outside the office: Einstein’s relativity theory came to him whilst relaxing on the grass… away from the laboratory. Holidays are great for imagination and reflection so think about what you would like to achieve once you return so take a notebook with you and jot down any inspiring thoughts or plans. If you want to keep your mind active, take that business book you have been meaning to read for ages with you, as you will have the space and time to digest the information.

5. Create the illusion that you are still around…

If you have an active social media profile, schedule your messages using Hootsuite or another similar platform to ensure that you are still sharing information during your holidays.

6. Plan for your return…

Planning for your return is also vital.  Leaving a list actions or “to dos” will allow you to close off and also know where to start when you return.

Again managing expectation is imperative, give yourself at least a day once you return to get organised before you throw yourself back into the fray!

7. And don’t forget…

Don’t forget to travel with some business cards, because you never know where and when you’ll meet your next client!

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Preparing for holidays as an Entrepreneur