Happy New Year!!

new year resolutionsNow is the time to set your New Year Resolutions for your Business – much easier to achieve at this time of year than getting fit or going on a diet! I mean if you live in the Northern Hemisphere who wants to deprive themselves when it’s cold and miserable outside?!

Anyway back to your business – for many of us the first few weeks of the year are quieter than usual – you may have a selection of Christmas present consultations to complete or wardrobes to sort, but you really don’t want to be going anywhere near the shops with clients as you will only be sorting through the remnants of the sale! So spend your time wisely and plan the year ahead:

 My Top Ten New Year Resolutions

1. Create a goal/vision of where you would like your business to be in 1 year’s time and maybe 3 year’s time. This goal could be monetary &/or results based eg “I would like to earn £x next year,  I would like to be running 2 style workshops every month and I would like to be working with female clients aged 40+.”

2. If you are visual, grab some coloured pens and draw your goal – either in pictures or as a mind map. Then write down the key elements of your goal so that you can refer back to what to want to achieve. Say it out loud, tell someone else – bizarrely the more you express your wishes the more tangible they become!

step-by-step3. Now you have your goal, consider the steps that you will need to take to achieve it. The big goal might seem impossible to achieve but if you break it down into bite sized chunks it becomes achievable. When you know where you want to go and who you want to work with it makes planning an awful lot easier and it allows you to say “no” to things that will distract you from your goal!!

4. Understand who your ideal client is – what do they do, how old are they, what are their issues and how can you help them? Sit down and really think this through because your marketing can then be directed at these clients, using language that is going to resonate with them.

5. Investigate local networking groups and opportunities – where do your ideal clients or the people who already work with your ideal clients hang out? Go to a meeting, offer to speak and look for joint venture opportunities with the other members.

6. Resolve to really understand and use one social media platform well and consistently – ensuring it is the one that your ideal clients will be using!

new year resolutions7. Time Management – when do you work best? I am much better at writing in the morning, so I now write my blogs, articles and training content first thing – before I open my emails!! It is amazing how much more I have got done just by changing this one thing!

8. Organise your diary – plan your day so that it makes sense – aim to have 2 colour consultations back to back; combine that visit to a client’s wardrobe or to the shops with something else; study or write when the children are in bed – do what works for you! There are hundreds of books available on time management but my favourite (mainly because it doesn’t take long to read!) is, “21 ways to manage the stuff that sucks up your time” by Grace Marshall.

9. Get your books in order – use a bookkeeping system, an Excel spreadsheet or even a notebook! Collect all your receipts and log your incomings and outgoings, you then can keep on track of your spending and earning so that you know if your marketing has worked.

10. Pay your tax by the end of January!!

And a bonus point:

11. Take time out for yourself – you will work much more effectively if you have a break! Go for a walk/run & get some fresh air; go to the gym/pilates/yoga/Zumba; see friends, have a laugh and just allow yourself some fun!!


Please share your New Year Resolutions…..


New Year Resolutions for Your Business