mothers daySome call it Mothers Day, some call it Mothering Sunday – it’s the Sunday where families all over the UK think about saying thank you and acknowledging their Mum!  There are already cards in the shops and I have received a few emails already from flower related websites offering discounts for ordering flowers early or adding a teddy to the order!

The date, this year, if it hasn’t registered is Sunday 30th March, so if you haven’t already thought about how you might leverage this special date, now is the time.

I would suggest using the date as an opportunity to reach out to your client base &/or link up with clients that you might not have heard from for a while.  Think about how you might communicate some special offers with them.  The offers that you put together don’t have to be complicated and you don’t have to use the internet – you can talk to people about your promotion at networking events or social functions.

Some Mothers Day suggestions to get you started

– add value to your service rather than just discounts

  • Do you have any existing clients that you know are Mums, who would love a personal shopping session?  Send them a personalised email or card and suggest a glass of champagne (or coffee and cake!) to talk through their wardrobe requirements ahead of their shop!
  • It might be that you offer a mother and daughter colours session – offering a discounted rate for two and perhaps some more champagne!  You then have the opportunity to meet two new clients, they can learn from each other and you could book in wardrobe and personal shopping sessions for both of them afterwards!
  • Add a free 30minute “Wardrobe Attack” session to your normal colour analysis consultation, to give them a glimpse of your wardrobe wizardry!
  • Perhaps you would rather simply offer gift vouchers – these could be available to purchase on your website, send your client an email which they could forward to their families entitled, “HINT HINT!”

Whatever you do, be careful about giving too much away for free.  You charge the rates you do because these are industry rates.  Your time is too precious to discount heavily, but there is nothing quite like spending time with a Mum, increasing her confidence and giving her the opportunity to love her wardrobe!

If you have any more ideas – please comment below.


Mothers Day Promotional Ideas