Your daughter has announced her engagement Mother of the brideand set a date for the wedding – when do you start to plan (panic about!) your Mother of the Bride outfit!

Colour Scheme. Convention would dictate that as Mother of the Bride, you need to wait until your daughter has decided on the colour of her dress and the bridesmaids before you choose. If you have never “had your colours done” now would definitely be the time to treat yourself, to ensure that the colour of your outfit really suits you. You can now look for colours that will flatter you and co-ordinate with the bridal party. NB the usual advice would be to avoid plain white or cream – you are the mother not the bride!!

Style of your outfit. Consider the following three words – simple, comfortable and flattering.

Whenever I’m shopping with a mother of the bride these are the questions I would ask, so that we can choose the right clothes for her and for the occasion:

  • What is your budget? – this will determine which shops to look in – boutiques, department stores, general high street or will you have something tailor made. You want to minimise the likelihood of another guest wearing the same outfit so look at for a more unusual label or you can use accessories to make your outfit look different and individual.
  • The outfit doesn’t have to be too “matchy, matchy” – if you buy everything matching from one store it might be make life easy but not necessarily visually interesting!
  • Do you want to be able to wear the outfit or elements of it again, in which case you need to consider how versatile it is, or will you just wear once for the wedding?
  • What time of the time or year the wedding is taking place. For cool weather you will need a coat or jacket.
  • Where is the wedding being held – in church, registry office, hotel or beach and will it be formal or more casual?
  • Is the wedding continuing into the evening? If so will you wear the same clothes, maybe taking off a jacket and changing accessories, or will you need another outfit?
  • Do you feel more comfortable in a skirt, dress or trousers?

Be warned – smart dresses with sleeves are very difficult to find so if you’re worried about your upper arms you will probably need to wear a jacket, smart cardigan, shrug or pashmina – just be careful that the cover-up doesn’t ruin the overall look.

mother of the bride hatAs Mother of the Bride, one last thing to be aware of is that when you’re looking for a traditional hat – make sure that the brim turns up, so your face can be seen (very important for the photos) and to make it easier to kiss people!

Enjoy the day but carry at least one spare pair of tights in your bag, along with a lipstick, powder and plenty of tissues!!

Mother of the Bride – What to wear
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