In my last blog I talked about how to organise and de-clutter your wardrobe now we’re going to look at how to fill any gaps that might be missing!

1  Fashion – don’t work for fashion but make it work for you. All stylists advocate buying a few key pieces each season but the trick is to choose the pieces that suit your looks and your lifestyle.  There’s always going to be something each season that looks good on you – a colour, a styling detail, a length – so incorporate these into your staples and then buy cheaper accessories to develop the look. If you really don’t like anything one season then maybe this is the time to invest in a timeless piece from a high end store – a new coat or the perfect dress.

2  Be sales savvy – we’re now in the middle of the sale season (aren’t we always!) and there are still lots of genuine bargains to be had.  Just remember – many items are on sale because customers didn’t want to buy them. Don’t buy on price alone – would you have considered that jacket or that skirt if it hadn’t been in the sale? And if you take it home and it is wrong then return it ASAP – even if you only get a credit note enjoy putting it towards something really nice in the spring.

3  Shop smart – before you leave home know what you want to achieve. Have you been weeding your wardrobe and are now looking for key pieces to bring new life to it?  Have you decided on a look you want to develop? Are you looking for a few fashion pieces to update your wardrobe? Are you just out for a “mooch”? If you know what you want to achieve you can target the best shops for your budget. That classic cashmere jumper may not be best sourced from Primark but at the same time do you need to spend a month’s housekeeping in Karen Millen on a playsuit?

4  Accessorise – you know you should! Over the years I’ve seen the quality of accessories go up and the price come down so we can all afford to indulge. The right accessories immediately update a look so make the most of them.  Go for the best quality that you can afford because great accessories can often outlast your clothes.

And of course the most important of all – have fun!  Playing with style is something we can all do – a little budget can go a long way. Got it wrong first time? Most stores accept returns and every fashion mistake is a lesson learned.  Got it right? Then ask yourself why, and then aim to repeat the experience well into the New Year!

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