Back to the Hat Factory in Luton today for a big day of filming – the Women’s Style module. It’s a lot different to last time – the boys from Clearhead seem to have brought in reinforcements, the room is full of clothes and my friends – sorry, models – are bringing in bags more.

Having got here at what seemed like an unholy hour we are still behind schedule. The studio looks great but I couldn’t see myself, let alone my ‘clients’ in the mirror so emergency supplies of window cleaner were sent for – not something I had brought with me!  As for accessories and shoes – I was sure I had brought enough yet my models are busy swapping shoes, popsocks, and underwear and at one stage poor Sonia was seen desperately trying to squeeze her size 8 feet into a pair of size 6 boots – the price of fame!

We are working to a really tight schedule and I have to say I’m glad that someone else is responsible for the clipboard and keeping track. My models have been flying in and out – trying to park, looking for change for the meter, picking up kids from playgroup – we even had a 4 week old baby on set (pink is definitely her colour!).

I am really pleased with how the filming is going – having finished the last DVD I find it easier to visualise what I want to happen in the scene and the angles I need the guys to take. Interestingly I have just been told that I now seem to have developed a screen persona and the arm waving is well under control – Julia Roberts watch out.

I began to feel quite mean towards the end of the day as we really needed to take some ‘wrong’ clothing shots. Poor curvy Gabby is already contending with having her arm in plaster, and the skin tight, round neck, long sleeve T shirt with blue bra combination did seem quite unfair. She looked pretty good in the wrap dress earlier though so I’m sure I am forgiven. Her aunt is another matter however – tall and willowy thin thanks to a recent diet, nothing looks wrong. I am very tempted force her into the silver lurex fairisle jumper (yes – this season from a High Street store near you) but funnily enough she has to dash off. What is really interesting though is everyone’s body language. Heads drooped and shoulders sagged when wearing the unflattering garments yet when dressed to kill, my models immediately put their chins up, tummies in and look taller and slimmer instantly.

Filming finally finishes at 5.45pm, so thank goodness the cafe downstairs keeps serving limitless supplies of tea, coffee and sandwiches. The guys are saying the rushes will be ready at the end of the week, so here’s hoping for an Oscar  winning result.!

Women’s style goes in the can
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