Mel WallMel Wall who has completed the Home Study, Personal Stylist Course, talks about her journey to becoming a fully qualified Personal Stylist with Study in Style Training.

“I had my Eureka moment 2 years ago. I was sorting some clothes upstairs and it suddenly hit me – I wanted to train to be a Personal Stylist. It made sense – I love clothes, am fascinated by how people dress and how by looking good, they feel great too. I also really enjoy meeting new people and I so it was a perfect profession to choose. Why I hadn’t thought of it before I really don’t know!”

Mel started her research and discovered that: “There were so many companies out there offering courses which all varied in content, cost, location and duration – quite overwhelming actually. When I found Study in Style online, it stood out from the rest. I liked the lay-out of the website, the way it was written and it was very clear what would be covered within the courses listed”

Mel continues; “I opted for the home study option” as I was working five days a week as a PA at the time and needed to study at weekends and when my little boy was in bed. It worked really well and I looked forward to reading my manual and watching my training DVD’s – I actually think my other half inadvertently learnt quite a lot too and discovered his inner Gok! I worked hard, practised on lots of friends and my confidence grew and grew.

Initially, I was disappointed that I was unable to do the face to face training as I was keen to meet fellow students as I knew I would enjoy the social side and the exchange of knowledge, but actually, the Skype sessions with Gail and the regular trainee consultants meetings that I attended, made me feel part of a fabulous new group and I didn’t feel I was ‘distant’ learning at all.”

“It’s going to sound so cheesy, but I’ll say it anyway because it’s true – training with Study in Style and becoming a Personal Stylist has totally changed my life. Whilst training, I mentioned to Gail that I had started writing ‘a training diary’ but wasn’t sure what I was going to do with the finished articles. Gail suggested that I should start blogging, which actually hadn’t crossed my mind. I’m now in my second year of blogging and have a healthy number of followers but more importantly, it still brings me as much pleasure as it did when I first started out.”

“And actually becoming a Personal Stylist? I have met and continue to meet wonderful women, with amazing stories and personalities. As much as I may enrich their lives by helping them feel and look great in their clothes, they enrich my life too. I have also had the pleasure of being able to donate my services and time to some local charities which is a wonderful feeling – so, all in all, a very rewarding profession.”

“Thank you Study in Style! Though, I’ll tell you now, I didn’t study in style, as I did most of my studying whilst wearing my very scruffy pyjamas and dressing gown. My secret is safe with you though, right?!”

Mel xx

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