Shopping Tips for the January Sales

Despite many clothes shops having slashed their prices over the past couple of weeks, due to the mild weather and the slow economy, most of the traditional “January” Sales start on Boxing Day or 27th December.

Here are my top tips to help you cope with the experience and to ensure that you really do bag yourself a bargain!

How to shop successfully during the sales

It’s all about Preparation – If you have already sorted your wardrobe you will know the garments that you need to replace or fill the gaps, so focus on these items first when you hit the shops.

Wear comfortable shoes and layers – Avoid wearing a big bulky coat because once you get into the shops it will just weigh you down and get in the way. Plus if you wear a vest top or slim-fitting t-shirt, it means that you can try tops and jackets on without having to queue for the fitting room!

Take a bottle of water and some snacks with you to keep you going.

Shop methodically – look for your colours first (this makes sales shopping so much easier), then you can check if the style and size is right for you.

Avoid being tempted by bright and sparkly things! If you get sidetracked follow the “magic 3 rule” to check the flexibility of anything you are thinking of buying, Say to yourself:

  • Can it be accessorised in 3 different ways?
  • Can I wear it to 3 different events or occasions?
  • Does it go with 3 things that I already have in my wardrobe?


Also be aware of anything that is obviously “this season”, if you want to wear the garment for longer than a few months.


There should be plenty of winter coats and woolly jumpers on sale – so grab the bargains while you can and I hope you find something fabulous!!

January Sales Shopping
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