Wardrobe Weeding

As we start to transition between winter and spring, now is a great time to look at your wardrobe with super critical eyes.

The plan is that once you have implemented the following tips, the ONLY things in your wardrobe will be clothes and accessories that you can wear NOW.

Detox your wardrobe

Firstly, please remove anything from your wardrobe that isn’t a piece of clothing or an accessory and store it somewhere else. Then take out all the clothes that are unsuitable for the time of year –  hopefully here in the UK we won’t need our thick polo neck jumpers again for a few months. Also, make a note of the garments that you didn’t wear during the last season and ask yourself if you will ever wear them again.

Take all these out-of-season clothes and put them in another wardrobe or pack them away in an old suitcase or a compressed storage pack. If you live in a temperate climate,  you may find that you can wear most of your clothes all year round but it is still good to remove the extreme garments. Remember you want clothes in your wardrobe that will be appropriate for the weather during the next few months. So now is the time to resurrect your summer clothes ready for the warmer months ahead.

As you work your way through your wardrobe you may find garments that need altering or repairing – if these clothes have potential then please take the opportunity to take up the hem or sew on a couple of buttons!

De-clutter your wardrobe

Sorting your clothes was the easy bit! Next you need to look at all the garments left and perhaps try on the clothes that really don’t suit you or fit you anymore – you know the ones!

This is the time to be realistic – if you’ve temporarily put on some weight then those garments that are just a bit of a tight squeeze can be stored elsewhere for the time being. But if it is something that you last wore 20 years ago and you can’t get past your knees then it really shouldn’t be cluttering up your wardrobe today!

There could also be garments that you’ve never worn, you just don’t like any more or that aren’t suitable for your lifestyle. Most of these garments could be worn by someone else so give them to a friend, try selling them on eBay or find a local dress agency.

You are now ready to be ruthless, this is the time to get rid of any garments that are too old, tatty or past thei