How to dress for an interviewClients ask me for advice all the time how to dress for an interview and I contributed to a recent article in Pride Magazine about this – here are my top tips.

What to Wear

As humans we believe what we see, we make subconscious decisions and judgements about people in just a few seconds – especially in an interview situation.

  • Do some research on the company – what is their dress code? Then match their style of dress.
  • A jacket will always look smart and if you feel overdressed you can remove it if necessary (so long as you are wearing a long sleeved top/shirt underneath)
  • Ensure your grooming is impeccable – clean clothes, shoes, hair, nails and body.
  • Women wear some make-up and clear out your handbag!
  • Men don’t stuff your pockets or wear an anorak!

Pride MagazineTo read the rest of the article look in our media centre – please click here

How to Dress for an Interview
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