Now that we now have the swimwear and cover up sorted – what about your other holiday accessories? The easy answer is to keep it simple – work within your colour scheme and find items that you can wear more than once!

Key Holiday Accessories

Beach bag

You can use your beach bag as your “hand luggage” on the flight/journey so make it as roomy as possible as it will need to carry your towel, book, sunglasses, suntan lotion etc. A plain colour will be most versatile and a metallic bronze, silver, pewter or gold is also a good option as it will go with everything. A small evening bag in a plain or metallic would also be great.

Sun Hat

Use it to keep cool and offer protection – think about how you are going to pack it if it has a massive brim – you may need to wear it! There are plenty of trilbies or soft pull on styles around that should pack easily.



Absolutely vital if you are going anywhere with sun – look for lenses that will protect your eyes. Sunglasses tend to have bigger frames in order to protect the eye area. The colour of the frames should reflect your natural colouring so if you have a warm skintone you could look for tortoiseshell frames but avoid if you have a cool skintone. If you need to wear glasses to read invest in a pair of reading sunglasses – they will be worth their weight in gold!


Keep your jewellery to a minimum but take some interesting pieces; avoid taking anything too expensive and if you can keep to a colour theme this will help.


Try not to take every pair of shoes that you own – any pair of shoes you take with you should be wearable with a number of outfits. If you’re on a beach holiday you could probably survive with a couple of pairs of flip flops, a pair of sandals or lightweight wedges and a pair of “walking” shoes for sightseeing etc. Again use metallics – a pair of gold sandals (if you’re warm) or pewter sandals (if you’re cool) would probably work with most of your outfits.

(All Holiday Accessories photos from Marks and Spencer)

Holiday Accessories
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