Top tips to help you buy the right bra size

Having worked with a couple of clients recently who  were wearing bras that definitely weren’t flattering their assets – I thought I would look at how a bra should fit!!

Remember your clothes will NEVER fit properly if your boobs are in the wrong place!

There are three main areas that people struggle with getting the right fit – the back band measurement, the cup size and the straps.

1    The Back Band:

In most cases this is too loose, either because it was the wrong size to begin with or because the bra has been washed so many times that it has lost its elasticity!

The measurement for the back band is taken around your body from underneath your bust – it is not necessarily the same as your dress size. The back band should lie horizontally around the body as the band provides the support for the bust. It should feel secure – not so tight that you can’t breathe, not so loose that it rides up towards your shoulder blades! When you buy your bra it should fit on the first fastening so that you can tighten it up as it loosens through wear.

2   The Cup Size:

All the breast tissue should be contained within the cup and you should have a smooth outline – it is too small if there are bulges out of the top or sides. If you’re not sure try on a t-shirt over the top of the bra and look for any lumps or bumps. Another sign that the cup size is too small is if the underwires in the centre don’t lie flat against your breastbone.

Conversely, you need to fill the cup – it is too big if the fabric wrinkles or gapes too much.

An underwired bra is really essential for larger breasts (size D+) as it gives much greater support than a soft cup bra which may be more comfortable but won’t give you the necessary up-lift.

3 The Straps:

These need to be adjusted regularly as they can slip during wear and washing. Again they shouldn’t be too tight but if they’re in the right place you can suddenly find your waist!!

The other problem with bra sizes are that they can vary depending on the brand and style so only use your size as a guide and check to see if the actual bra fits properly when you try it on.


Get the right support!