Shock horror – Following her fourth pregnancy Victoria Beckham is having to wear flat shoes due to back problems!

Welcome to my world and the reality for many of my clients. High heels may extend your legs, give you height and make many outfits look fantastic but wearing them every day can have long-term consequences. As quoted in The Times today Robin Shepherd, of the General Osteopathic Council, explains that Mrs Beckham’s problems may have started before this pregnancy. “Wearing high heels over a lengthy period of time will have induced chronic postural change, compressing the spine so it’s no longer as flexible and supple, and will have weakened the core stability of her posture.”

Having had the pleasure of winning tickets to last night’s premiere of the film “One Day” I saw first hand how silly some celebrities looked trying to “walk” down the pink carpet. One in particular looked more duck than swan as she clumped along! Others took their time and gritted their teeth as they stopped to chat to and pose for the assembled paparazzi.

As someone who works as a personal stylist and who also has back, knee and foot problems I am very limited in my choice of heel height (4cm max). This has given me great empathy with clients who have similar problems as I have had to find solutions to how to wear flats with skirts without looking frumpy and how to make my legs look longer without skyscraper heels. (NB The key trick is to wear the same colour or depth of colour on the bottom half – so shoes, hosiery and hemline are all the same or similar.)

Luckily autumn/winter dressing this year is going to make this easy with lots of flat boots, leather pumps and brogues coming into the stores – I can’t wait!

Flat Shoes, Victoria Beckham and the One Day Film Premiere