find your nicheIf you read any marketing book they will recommend that you “Find Your Niche”, this is a group of people who are likely to include your ideal client. Knowing the type of people you want to attract to your business will help them to find you. This is a tough post for me to write because over the years I have been guilty of doing all the things I am going to advise you not to do! For someone who loves variety, focusing on just one area of my potential market seemed counter intuitive and almost boring!!
Plus I didn’t want to miss out on finding clients…..

BUT I have been converted because if you can state the type of clients that you work with clearly and succinctly – listing their worries, fears and problems (plus your solutions!) – These clients will know that you are the right consultant for them!
Being able to find your niche is an important step in building and growing a successful business. When you try to sell to everyone, you run the risk of selling to no one AND confusing your customers.

My first website stated that: “I can work with and help anyone to look and feel better – no matter what your age, sex, size or profession”, I thought by saying this I was talking to everyone whereas in fact I was talking to very few people!

How much stronger are the following statements?

“I specialise in working with professional mothers in their 30’s and 40’s who feel that their wardrobe no longer works for them”.
Or “I specialise in working with small business owners who want to ensure that they always make the right first impression”.
Or “I specialise in working with men in their late 30’s who are looking for love”.

I would then talk about the struggles and issues that these people are probably dealing with &/or experiencing. So that, instead of appearing to be a “jack of all trades” my potential client now believes that I know exactly what life is like for them and I would be the ideal person to help them.


How to Find Your Niche

When you first complete your style training you need to work with lots of different people to gain experience and to develop your skills. With time you will probably find that you prefer working with certain groups more than others and this will be down to a combination of:
• Your past experiences and skills
• Your interests
• Your preferences (eg you love colour analysis but get tired at just the thought of personal shopping!)
• Fitting in with your lifestyle (eg you are thinking about focussing on the wedding market but don’t want to work at the weekend!)
• The type of client that you would feel comfortable working with

questionsYour ideal niche will already be starting to form – write down your thoughts and add the following:
Who are your clients?
Where do they live?
Where do they hang out?
What problems do they have that you can solve?
Is there sufficient need (and profit!) within this group to make it worth your while to niche?


For example, one of my recent trainees is Spanish and has worked extensively in high end London stores with designer brands so we discussed her focussing on taking Spanish speaking executives and their partners shopping in London whilst they are travelling for business or pleasure. This means that she can focus her marketing with travel companies or the offices of Spanish companies in the UK. This strategy will make her stand out from all the other Personal Stylists working in London.

If you want to find your niche, this topic is covered in much more detail in the Business Planning & Marketing Module which is included as part of both The Image Professional and Personal Stylist Courses


REMEMBER Just because you have focused on one niche it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to use your other skills because your “professional mothers” for example will have friends who are getting married; husbands or partners; mothers; brothers, sisters etc who they know and can then introduce you to.

Let me know which niche you are considering….



Find Your Niche