father's dayFather’s Day is the perfect opportunity to tap into your existing client base to promote (and sell) your services!

Whilst I am aware that Father’s Day isn’t held in quite the same regard as Mothering Sunday, the shops are full of cards, and Racing Car Driving Experience Days are being purchased (!) Use this event as an opportunity for all those stylish Dads out there.

Did you manage put together some offers for Mothering Sunday?  If you did, think about how you can shift these for your male client base.  If you didn’t, forward plan for 2015 and make it one of your goals for next year!

 Options for Father’s Day Gifts

  • Do you have clients that you know are Dads, who would love a personal shopping session? Send them a personalised email or card and suggest a speed shop, get them to send the email onto their family as a nudge for a gift!
  • What about a ‘his and hers’colours session?
  • Add a free 30 minute “Wardrobe Attack” session to your normal colour analysis consultation, to give them a glimpse of your wardrobe wizardry!
  • Perhaps you would rather simply offer gift vouchers – these could be available to purchase on your website, send your client an email which they could forward to their families entitled, “HINT HINT!” or email your Mum clients offering a consultation as an option for their partners.
  • Put an expiry date on all of these options so that you can manage your busy/quiet times (like August!)

Use this as an opportunity to approach contacts or mention it at your next networking meeting – a promotion is a great way to add value and remind people of what you do and why you do it.

Top Tip – add a testimonial to all your promotions, it will make it ‘real’ and add weight to your offering – as humans we always like to know that someone has been before us and found a service or product valuable.

Good Luck!


Father’s Day Presents